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We have provided our website design and content marketing services for a recruitment agency to improve online visibility and higher bounce rates.
Recruitment Agency
About Recruitment Agency

As a leading recruitment agency in Delhi, they specialise in Business Process Outsourcing, Process Outsourcing, Human Resource Outsourcing, and Staff/Manpower Hiring solutions. Their dedicated team of over 60 agents excels at managing large and complex projects, reflecting their commitment to excellence. They create meaningful connections between job seekers and corporate clients, ensuring both parties’ needs are met with precision.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

This recruitment agency faced several challenges related to its website and content strategies. Its website design issues, including an outdated UI, caused it to lose valuable leads and sales conversions. The site’s lack of mobile responsiveness, slow page loading speeds, no clear call-to-action, and cluttered layout deterred potential customers and impacted its search engine rankings.

Another challenge they faced was creating compelling content that resonated with the target audience and effectively showcased the agency’s services. This included creating engaging job descriptions, service pages, about us & home page, and maintaining a consistent brand voice across all platforms.

Numbers Don’t Lie!

Business impact

We turned leads into revenue with our content marketing and website development services. The outcome of these efforts was a significant improvement in the agency’s online presence, increased traffic to the website, higher engagement rates with lower bounce rates, and, ultimately, more leads and conversions. The agency was able to establish itself as a reputable recruitment firm and attract top talent and clients in the industry.

How We Helped This Recruitment Agency?

To address the challenges related to website designs, we redesigned the client’s website using WordPress. Firstly, we assessed the website’s design, ensuring a modern and user-friendly interface that aligned with current trends and user expectations. This included optimising the UI for better lead generation and sales conversions, as well as enhancing mobile responsiveness to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

In terms of content, we developed a strategic content marketing plan that focused on creating engaging and relevant content for the target audience. The client provided us with the content requirements for his website. Our team gathered all the essential details about the projects. Our SEO experts then identified the best keywords for the website pages according to the locations. After getting keywords, our professional website content writers began crafting the content. The writers then underwent the proofreading process and checked the written content for plagiarism. Finally, we submitted the finished content to the client for approval.

How We Applied Our Strategies to Maximise ROI?
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