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Increased Organic Traffic

Our strategic SEO initiatives led to a 25% increase in organic traffic for a well-respected dermatology clinic in Winnipeg.

About Dermatology Clinic

Our client’s clinic in Winnipeg provides a wide array of dermatological treatments. These include skin cancer detection and treatment and managing common conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Our client is committed to diagnosing and providing evidence-based treatments. By continually enhancing their practices, they strive to be recognised as a leading dermatology clinic and a top authority in the skin care industry.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

The clinic initially needed more visibility in local search results, which limited its ability to attract new patients. The competitive nature of the dermatology field in Winnipeg made it difficult to stand out. Their website was not fully optimised for search engines, resulting in poor organic search performance and user engagement. 

Additionally, the clinic’s online content could have effectively targeted relevant keywords, hindering its visibility. Recognising these challenges, they sought to boost their digital presence to reach better and serve their community. This is where they contacted us for help, and we accepted this challenge to provide better results.

Services Used:
Numbers Don’t Lie!

Business impact

Our comprehensive SEO strategies have significantly transformed our client’s business. Our efforts helped enhance their clinic’s position in local search rankings, making it a prominent choice for dermatological care in Winnipeg. We also helped them enhance website engagement and user experience, leading to increased patient inquiries and directly contributing to higher clinic revenues. Here are the results we have got:


Increased Overall Pageviews


Increased Impressions


Increased Organic Session

How We Helped This Client?

Our strategy focused on comprehensive keyword research and content optimisation tailored to the clinic’s specialities. We enhanced the website’s structure for better usability and search engine indexing. Targeted local SEO tactics were used to boost the clinic’s visibility in Winnipeg-specific searches. 

Additionally, we improved backlink quality and implemented strategic updates to their service pages to attract and retain a targeted audience. These efforts collectively resulted in a stronger online presence and increased patient engagement and inquiries.

SEO Strategies That Truly Boosted Client’s Ranking!


Increased Number of Clicks


Organic New Users


Increased Overall Users