Increased Conversions

Between November 1, 2023, & January 29, 2024, our PPC strategies have boosted our client’s visibility in the mortgage sector & achieved a 71.6% increase in conversions.

About Mortgage Company

Recognised as the No. 1 Best Mortgage Broker in Dublin by, our client offers tailored mortgage advice and solutions. Operating from Ireland, our client’s website serves as a comprehensive resource for first-time buyers, property investors, and those looking to refinance, providing expert guidance throughout the mortgage process.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

Initially, the PPC campaigns were experiencing a high cost-per-acquisition (CPA) with a low click-through rate (CTR), indicating inefficiency in ad spend. The client’s ads were not effectively reaching the targeted locations, resulting in lower-than-expected engagement rates. 

Additionally, the client faced the challenge of a saturated and highly competitive mortgage market in Dublin, making visibility in search engine results particularly tough. They contacted us to increase conversion rates while maintaining bidding, which became crucial as these adjustments were essential for targeting the right audience efficiently, reducing wasted ad spend, and maximising return on investment.

Services Used:
Numbers Don’t Lie!

Business impact

Our interventions significantly enhanced the client’s market presence. We improved the visibility of their services and substantially increased lead quality, directly contributing to higher conversion rates. We realised the need to deeply analyse the ad placements and search terms driving costs without corresponding returns. Here are the results we have got:


Increased Conversions




Increased Clicks

How We Helped This Client?

Our approach centred on a comprehensive audit of existing PPC campaigns, identifying gaps in keyword targeting and ad placement strategies. We streamlined ad groups and refined targeting options to match better the client’s ideal customer profile, which involved an in-depth analysis of customer behaviours and preferences. 

By using ad copy and landing pages, we were able to ascertain the most effective combinations that resonated with potential clients. Additionally, regular optimisations and updates to the PPC strategies in response to market trends and analytics ensured that the campaigns remained effective over time, continuously improving ROI for our client.

PPC Strategies That Truly Boosted Client’s Ranking!


Reduced Average CPC


Reduced Average CPM


Increased Impressions