Increased Conversion Rate!

We achieved a 22% conversion rate for a client operating a Canadian pharmacy, increasing the number of clicks by 169 times, all while maintaining a stunningly low average CPC.

About Canadian Pharmacy

Our client is well-known for providing a platform for customers with a wide range of medications at life-saving prices. This client is also licensed and certified to deliver medications globally, especially in the United States. Their medications are not only top-selling but also genuine, making them a trusted choice for many people around the globe. They also maintain higher safety protocols while delivering your medication right to your door.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

Before contacting us for PPC services, our client faced significant challenges as their website struggled with low visibility and searchability, hindering its ability to reach a wider audience. Conversion rates were below the desired threshold of 5%, indicating a disconnect between user intent and website offerings. The average CPC exceeded the target of $4.50, leading to inefficient spending and reduced ROI. 

Additionally, brand awareness and recognition in the digital space were lacking, impacting the pharmacy’s ability to compete effectively. The CTR rate fell short of the optimal 7%, indicating a need for improved ad relevance and targeting. Overall, the website failed to attract sufficient traffic and lacked user engagement, highlighting the need for a comprehensive PPC strategy to address these challenges and drive growth for the Canadian Pharmacy.

Services Used:

Business impact

Our commitment to exceeding client objectives is evident in the outstanding results achieved for the Canadian Pharmacy. The strategic implementation of highly ranked keywords with lower difficulties and ad groups resulted in a remarkable 169.25 times increase in clicks, showcasing a significant improvement in user engagement. Our last four campaigns reached CTRs of 12.4%, 11.46%, 8.55%, and 12.12%, respectively, which underscores our PPC specialist’s commitment and sheer excellence in driving our client’s business growth and success.


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How We Helped Canadian Pharmacy?

After partnering with our digital marketing company, the client saw a remarkable turnaround. Initially, our PPC expert identified & evaluated the most relevant keywords & phrases that potential customers used when searching for medications. They then grouped keywords into various ad groups based on their relevance. This targeted approach ensured that the ads aligned closely with the chosen keywords, increasing the likelihood of reaching the audience and achieving the advertising objectives of the campaigns.

Our team optimised the bidding strategy to align with the goals of the campaigns. Combined with the quality of the ads & landing pages, this pushed the ads’ position in the search results and led to a higher CTR rate. Additionally, our PPC experts regularly reviewed and optimised the utilisation to ensure we didn’t end up with under or over-ad spending, maintaining control over advertising expenses and staying within the client’s budget constraints.

Our specialists helped the pharmacy track metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, & return on investment (ROI). These metrics provided insights into how well the ads performed and how effectively they generated desired actions from users.

For Canadian Pharmacy, We Have Applied These Strategies:


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Increased Conversion Rate


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