A Beginner’s Guide to Advantages of Digital Marketing

In the modern era, companies are looking for ways of reaching a wide range of customers that help them gain more sales and business. The current pandemic situation made it difficult for them to reach their defined goals with limited physical means of marketing. To save from these complications, digital marketing came in. There are many advantages of digital marketing in this situation of limited physical contact and hence, should be learned and implemented properly. According to research, 78% of internet users search for products online. Therefore, using suitable digital marketing services can make your business grow at a rapid speed.  Let’s learn what digital marketing is all about!

What does Digital Marketing mean?

Digital Marketing means promoting products or services offered by your business with the help of the internet on online platforms like social media, web platforms, etc. for reaching potential customers. It assists in gaining more traffic to your website and thus, getting more leads and boosting your sales. This approach is more feasible as compared to the conventional one and requires less physical effort all the marketing work can be done through online means. One of the common examples of digital marketing is Google Ads. These ads can be placed on any site besides Google and can attract more customers, which can be converted into organic leads.

Digital Marketing is capable of opening the doors for promoting business to everyone who is using the web. Therefore, you can also target your audience as per your business needs and learn who is more interested in buying your products. For this, there are different types of digital marketing available for different purposes.

Various types of digital marketing

Digital marketers are always using different methods of making their brands visible in front of the users who use the internet on a daily basis. They follow certain digital marketing tips while presenting the various marketing methods depending on what they are advertising. This could include emails, online search results on the search engines, posts or ads on Instagram or Facebook by celebrities or influencers for various brands. Celebrity or influencer-based marketing comes under influencer marketing.

The platforms and methods of marketing vary for different types of products or services provided by the brands. It is, therefore, divided into many types and here we are going to discuss some of the common types of digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this type of marketing, the marketers focus on optimizing their website content including blogs, website pages, or other related content posted on their website. This includes adding the most commonly looked-for keywords of the users during searches into your content. These keywords are a benchmark for attracting the relevant users or customers to your website, who are interested in buying similar types of products or services offered by your company. The main aim of doing this marketing is to rank your website higher on the SERPs (search engine page results) after the users search for a query on the search engines like Google.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This marketing involves paid advertisements, unlike SEO which is done completely free of cost for organic leads. . These advertisements are displayed on online platforms with the ‘Ad’ sign and charged only when the users actually click on them. So, the cost of this marketing is determined by the number of clicks made per ad. Therefore, it is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). It is very effective in gaining more leads and increasing the sales of your business. The reason for its success is that it is visible to almost everyone who browses the internet.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As the name suggests, this marketing involves the usage of social media platforms for advertising your products and services. This includes running social media ads on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Also, marketers create visuals and various posts to attract more followers on your social media handles. This helps in targeting the audience which is more interested in your products and services specifically.

Influencer Marketing

This type of marketing includes celebrities or influencers who have large followings on their social media accounts. Brands take the help of these celebrities or influencers to promote their products on social media. They usually look for influencers who are seen as experts in their particular industries. This is a very profitable form of marketing as the target audience is reached directly. The influencers have gained the trust of their followers and that helps in persuading them to purchase the products they have been using.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of marketing that involves third-party publishers who sell the products and services of other companies in exchange for some commission. These third-party publishers are called affiliates. They are also responsible for promoting the companies, which can help them get more traffic to their websites.

Email Marketing

This type of marketing is done when the customers have already used the products and services of the companies and have their personal email ids. The companies send personalized emails to their customers with special deals or offer on different occasions like birthdays or on festivals. They also inform their customers through emails about their latest product launches and give them discounts.

There can be numerous other types of digital marketing besides the ones we discussed here. Now, let’s learn about the advantages of digital marketing.

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Some Advantages of Digital Marketing

Access to more customers

Digital Marketing involves the usage of online platforms and users nowadays look for their every need online. Therefore, it gives access to wider customers as compared to the conventional method of advertising. It is absolutely difficult through physical means of advertising to reach customers globally. But with the introduction of social media and other platforms which are used by most people, helps gain more customers.


This is a very low-paying method for doing marketing or advertisements, with the inclusion of advancements in digital media. When you use online sites and platforms for marketing, they can be easily analyzed and evaluated on how it’s impacting your business. Even with a low budget, any small business can start online campaigns where they get ROIs (return on investment).

Easy to implement

When we compare digital marketing vs media marketing, the latter takes so much effort to actually do the advertising. Although digital marketing is considered a very easy to learn and implement this way of advertising. It just requires a good internet connection and a personal computer. Once you have proper knowledge of digital marketing, the strategies can be defined and implemented easily on digital platforms.

Targeting customers easily

On digital platforms, you can use various ways of analyzing and optimizing the places where your target customers are most active. It is not possible to do in the conventional method of marketing. Digital marketing is helpful in successfully targeting those groups of users who are most suited for your products and services. You can also take the help of social media insights in learning about the customer’s interests and responses toward various types of products offered by different brands. It also helps in tracking the activities of the users. The companies can see where their target audience is most active. These tracking results also serve companies to make digital strategies that are future-ready.


As we conclude our learnings from this writing, this is just a gist of what advantages of digital marketing are there for your business. It is a very wide industry now, with many advancements that keep coming now and then. But it is clear that when you are thinking of doing advertising for your brand or business, digital marketing is most beneficial in that case. Also, there are many digital marketing agencies that can help you in the whole process at affordable rates to implement all different types of digital marketing as per your business requirements.

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