Increased Number of Clicks

This is a case study of a Canadian Pharmacy that made a special request to improve traffic on its website. We delivered an outstanding 111.7% increase in clicks.

About Top-Rated Canadian Pharmacy

Our client operates a leading eCommerce pharmacy that excels in providing a wide range of insulin and other essential medications at competitive prices, with the promise of quick and reliable shipping. As an affordable pharmacy, our client is dedicated to enhancing access to crucial medications across the USA and Canada, ensuring patients can receive their treatments without undue financial burden.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

In a highly competitive market, our client faced significant challenges in achieving desired visibility and search engine rankings critical for attracting organic traffic. Despite delivering top-tier products and services, their digital footprint lacked the robustness needed to reach a broader customer base effectively. The absence of a comprehensive SEO strategy and the underutilisation of key performance indicators (KPIs) hindered their ability to outshine competitors. 

The lack of a clear content strategy and optimization for relevant keywords resulted in their website failing to rank prominently for industry-specific terms, limiting their reach to potential customers. These challenges combined to create a significant barrier to the client’s success in the digital landscape, highlighting the urgent need for a comprehensive and strategic approach to enhance their online presence and competitiveness.

Services Used:
Numbers Don’t Lie!

Business impact

Our team’s SEO strategies led to significant improvements in website traffic and customer engagement. We optimised metadata for 30 product pages, enhanced on-page content, and pursued an aggressive link-building strategy that included guest post creativity and outreach. We targeted 48 transactional and commercial intent keywords, with 40% of all target keywords showing ranking improvements within the first month.


Increased Number of Clicks


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Improved Keyword Ranking

How We Helped This Client?

To assist our client in enhancing their online visibility and search engine rankings, we implemented a robust SEO strategy that included advanced on-page optimizations, technical enhancements, and strategic backlink acquisition. 

Our approach focused on refining the site’s architecture to improve crawlability and indexability by search engines. Additionally, we targeted high-quality, relevant backlinks to increase domain authority and elevate keyword rankings, driving more organic traffic and engaging a wider audience.

SEO Strategies That Truly Boosted Client’s Ranking!


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