Importance of digital marketing for the success of a business

To head start a business, first, you need to reach out to your target customers. This is a very critical step to take especially when you want immediate results after spending money on conventional marketing. On the contrary, with the introduction of the pandemic, conventional marketing is not as effective. Especially when it is compared to advertising through digital platforms.

According to statistics as per Econsultancy, 35% of the global customers contacted their marketing agencies daily during the pandemic in 2020. It increased from 21% during the first quarter of the same year. Also, the number of agencies that contacted their customers daily during these six months increased too. It became 51% as compared to 31% previously.

These stats represent clearly how marketing through digital platforms has taken a huge leap during times of pandemics. This is because there were no physical means of contact.
The importance of digital marketing for the success of a business during these times increased very much. And it keeps expanding furthermore. We are going to start with some basics till in-depth guidance.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Before elaborating on the importance of digital marketing for the success of a business, let’s define it. It is a way to reach customers through online means that require the internet on various platforms. These platforms are websites, search engines, social media, emails, and many others.

Some of its common examples include ads on Google or social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It also includes online websites that display various products and services provided by different brands known as affiliate marketing.

Emails also come under the digital form of marketing. Here the companies or brands contact their clients via emails to send them new deals or discount offers. Now let’s learn in-depth about the various benefits of this type of marketing.

Benefits & Importance of Digital Marketing for the success of a business

Any business in the current times needs to take help from a digital marketing consultancy. Especially, when they want to implement web marketing. There is no way around online marketing otherwise because it’s a must due to the recent pandemic situation.

Also, it has many benefits in regard to the growth and expansion of businesses. Here we are going to share some possible benefits and importance of digital for the success of a business as follows:

Reach to wider audiences

Digital marketing is the most efficient way to reach more wide range of customers. This happens because most people nowadays spend their time online. Almost every other people use the internet for searching for different products and services.

The unique quality of digital advertising is enabling brands to reach their target audiences directly. Also, when you are presenting your products and services online, it is visible to all kinds of users online. This requires good content marketing to interest the viewers.

Businesses can work with a lead generation agency to make digital strategies to increase their sales. Rankingeek Marketing Agency is one such experienced agency that can help your business grow.

Maximizes your Brand Awareness

New businesses face challenges when they want to launch their products or services since people are not aware of their brand. For this, digital marketing helps them in giving more exposure to their brand on online platforms even globally. During these competitive times, online marketing supports small businesses to give a mark against the already established businesses. This feature is well appreciated as now every business starts their work through digital media.

Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Digital marketing helps gain profits and get better ROIs (return on investment). According to statistics, 49% of the marketers found out that organic searches give the best ROI on any marketing platform. So, SEO (social media optimization) is capable of generating higher ROI in comparison to other marketing methods.

According to Scube Marketing, Facebook ads provided an average ROI of 152% to 1.86B users in 2016. Social Media advertising is very effective in terms of conversion rates as well. Facebook Ads acts as a reliable social advertising platform for E-commerce.


Nowadays, it is a compulsion that the business or brand creates an online image. They need to have their own website and social media handles for performing well in the industry. When a company doesn’t have these critical things in place, it is not considered a renowned company.

It sets the businesses from other local businesses as a brand with limited effort. These digital marketing strategies assist in building the reputation of your small business by increasing searchability and visibility.

Most Customers are Online

The internet plays a vital role in the modern days when more than 4.66 billion people use it globally. This means that the target audience, your existing customers, and other competitors all are online. Nowadays, people look for businesses online first, whenever they need to buy any products or services. If they cannot find your business on the online platforms, then it gives an advantage to your competitors.

It is necessary for businesses to have a good online presence. They can get more customers for their products and services this way. A lead generation agency can guide you to convert the organic traffic into leads, which increases their sales.

Learn What Your Competitors are Doing

One of the beneficial qualities of online marketing is that provides a fair amount of visibility to your business. This is especially when you are just starting out. You can also learn about your competitor’s activities on the various digital platforms. It gives you an opportunity to analyze how they are working and what you can do.

Here you are able to see which things are more attractive to the customers than your competitors. This way you can make a better marketing strategy. The advertising strategy can be refined further by the new updates other rivals are incorporating.

Additionally, the most commonly used tools by your competitors can also help you in making your marketing look professional. There are tools that can help analyze the activities and strategies of your competitors as well.

Enable tracking and taking steps

Online marketing provides various tools for tracking the progress of your marketing campaigns. These tools can be used in measuring the success rate of your campaigns with varied target audiences. For instance, in social media marketing, Instagram and Facebook both provide insights on Ad posts. These insights show the number of engagements, post interactions, profile visits, and much more.

These insights can help you in gaining knowledge about which types of content interest the audience more. It enables you to take the necessary steps required to improve the digital marketing strategy for more success in your business.

Similarly, Google provides ads that can be used for tracking conversions. For this, a conversion tracking tag is added to your website. Then, after the customer clicks on your Google ad, it places a temporary cookie on their computer. When they complete the desired action, that cookie can be recognized by the system that helps in recording the conversion.

Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing

Digital marketing is better compared to conventional marketing when it comes to generating business. Here we are going to share the main differences between these marketing:

  1. Digital marketing provides interaction with potential customers while conventional marketing is one-way advertising.
  2. The trends are needed to be identified for conventional marketing practices. While for online marketing, trends can be followed easily depending on the customers.
  3. In conventional marketing, only demographic targeting is possible while web marketing enables targeting on the basis of the customer’s behavior.
  4. Communication to customers from the brands or businesses in conventional marketing happens through mediums like radio and television channels. While in internet marketing customers and businesses can communicate directly through comment or feedback systems.
  5. The content created for conventional marketing depends on the experts’ views. While the digital content for online marketing depends on customers’ interests or likings.


Digital marketing is customer-centered marketing and therefore, it generates more leads as compared to conventional marketing practices. Also, during these times of pandemic, online marketing has become well familiar.

It is the most used practice for advertising or marketing the products or services of all kinds of businesses nowadays. Hence, the importance of digital marketing for the success of a business is very high. And it should be incorporated properly for greater gains in your business.

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