Here Comes New Ideas For Digital Marketing Tips

Modern businesses believe in the power of digital marketing in this era. The digital platforms help businesses reach more customers. According to statistics as per WebsiteBuilderExpert, around 4.57 billion internet users globally are there currently, out of which 2.14 billion were digital buyers as of 2021.

This shows the reason for the growing interest of businesses in learning and practicing digital marketing practices. Not only this but according to Wordstream, more than 20% of the businesses have said that they can generate more leads via digital mediums. Hence, incorporating digital marketing into businesses has been profitable for business owners.

As businesses learn to include successful digital marketing practices, they get the benefits they desire with fewer efforts as compared to traditional marketing. But it is required for them to also get familiar with the current trends and add them into their kitty besides implementing the real deal.

Let’s dive into some of the best digital marketing tips you could utilize in your business!

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

According to statistics as per wpforms, there are 5.11 billion mobile phone users around the world. This means that these people would prefer to use their mobile phones while searching for products or services. As per Pew Research Center, about 51% of the shoppers complete their online purchases using a smartphone only!  It increases the need for your business website to be more mobile-friendly.

When someone opens a website on their mobile screen, it should be neatly displayed. Also, it should provide less number of clicks for making a purchase. If customers get frustrated with the longer time to buy using their mobile phones, they would not reconsider buying again.

Alternatively, if it is too critical for you to make your existing website mobile-friendly like you can use various tools Shopify and BigCommerce. These tools provide various themes and templates which are mobile-friendly. You should also view your website on a mobile device after making additional changes each time. It will help to keep your website up-to-date according to the mobile requirements.

Learn about Your Competitors

When a business enters the online platform, it needs to stand out from other existing competitors. This can be achieved by presenting yourself uniquely from others. For this, you need to first know about your competitors. The more you know, the better ideas you will get for presenting yourself online.

What you can do is make a simple search regarding your business. Let’s say your business is to sell fashion apparel. You can search on Google saying, “Best Fashion Apparel brands”. This search will automatically show you the top brands of fashion apparel available online. It will help you give an idea of how they’re presenting themselves on the digital platforms.

You can check out their visuals, blogs, and even categories of fashion apparel they’re selling online. It will give a gist of how you can work out with your presentation skills for setting up your business online. This research can help learn about other factors like services, reputation, and the online reviews by the customers for your competitors.

Start Including Lengthy Blogs

Blogs are a crucial part of digital marketing in these recent times. They belong to content marketing and can incorporate digital marketing strategies. Lengthy blogs are better compared to shorter ones as they generate 9X higher success rates in getting more customers. Try to keep your content fully detailed rather than giving precise information.

According to research as per WebsiteBuilderExpert, the average word count of the top-ranking content on Google is between 1,285 to 1,140 words and only 18% of the companies have content of more than 750 words. To not make your content too short or too long, keep it up to 1200 words for the safer side. It will work in your favor!

You can curate blogs based on business-related topics, marketing, or even for launching your products or services. These blogs can be informational to help customers gain the required knowledge about a particular product. Additionally, you can tell your customers about your business services through your blogs as well. SEO (search engine optimization) can be implemented via blogs very easily nowadays.

Maintain relations with your customers via email marketing

The basic of digital advertising includes the role of customers. While implementing digital marketing tips, you should try to maintain a close relationship with your customers. It helps them stay for the long term and also builds trust.

This aspect is very useful in email marketing which includes defining personalized emails over generic emails. You can mention the name of the customers and send them personal deals or offers based on their previous purchases. According to statistics as per WebsiteBuilderExpert, personalized emails create six times more business as compared to generic emails, and only 30% of brands incorporate them.

Customers find themselves getting more comfortable with those companies that use human-like language. They are more likely to respond to conversational messages rather than any bot-generated message. You can add features like personalized videos in your emails for more engagement with your customers. Updating your email list is necessary for staying connected with your customers.

Use Content according to stages of the Buyer’s journey

When customers want to buy any product, firstly they go through three different stages before actually making the purchase. These stages are awareness, consideration, and decision. Then the different content sets according to the stage the customers are at that time.

For instance, the customer is looking for household goods. Next, they should get the directions according to their stage changes as follows:

Awareness – Here you should direct them to the homepage of your household goods store. This will give them insights into your business.

Consideration – You can send them the household goods category page so that they can select through it according to their needs.

Decision – This stage requires displaying the final product page for the household good they selected for purchasing.

This is a very important step to help your customers browse through your website. Guiding them to the right content according to their needs is necessary, such that it matches their stages.

Consider running Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

According to statistics as per WebsiteBuilderExpert, only 24% of Facebook Business pages utilize paid ads for advertising. This decreases your competition on this platform regarding social media marketing. Facebook ads help include PPC (pay per click) campaign.

These ads provide the best digital marketing solutions and directly target the audiences depending on various factors such as gender, age, location, and others. You need to pay for the Facebook ads every time they are clicked by the users. There are also unpaid Facebook ads that allow organic leads with the help of good visuals, images, and other features.


Here only some of the possible digital marketing tips are discussed but they can help you grow your business tremendously. A small business marketing agency is always on the good side of digital marketing as they gain more profits with fewer investments. These ideas cannot be implemented alone just with the knowledge but need experts’ guidance and support. Rankingeek is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR that can help you take your business to new heights.

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