Gift Card Company

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With the help of our strategic SEO initiatives, they have significantly improved their SERP positions across the USA and boosted their online visibility and user engagement.
Gift Card Company
About Gift Card Company

Our client operates a thriving gift card exchange service, partnering with numerous card issuers to convert over 700 types of gift cards into cash swiftly and efficiently. They prioritise exceptional and instant service, ensuring customer satisfaction by reimbursing payments within 10-60 minutes of an online transaction. Additionally, they offer a variety of electronic payment options, including Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Zelle, and others.

The Challenges They Were Facing!

Initially, our client needed better keyword rankings, with most keywords ranking beyond the 20th position. Despite their valuable service, they faced challenges in gaining digital traction and reaching their target audience effectively. Their website needed to be optimised for high-traffic keywords, resulting in lower visibility on search engines. 

The acquisition of quality backlinks needed to be improved, leaving a lot of potential for improvement in their online authority and credibility. Managing and integrating content that resonated with their target demographic while boosting SEO was a substantial hurdle that needed a robust strategy and execution.

Services Used:
Numbers Don’t Lie!

Business impact

The SEO enhancements have dramatically improved our client’s business outcomes. With increased site traffic and better keyword rankings, our client has seen a significant uptick in customer interactions and conversions, leading to higher sales and a solid return on their SEO investment. Thanks to our dedicated efforts, our client has achieved remarkable improvements:


Increased in Overall Sessions


Organic conversion rate improved


Increased Total Users

How We Helped This Client?

Our strategy focused on creating high-quality, SEO-optimised content that addressed the needs and interests of Our Client’s audience. We intensified our efforts in backlink acquisition, securing 114 new backlinks, including 47 guest posts that were outside the original scope. This not only improved their website’s authority but also expanded their reach. 

Regular updates and strategic postings on Google My Business (GMB) were implemented to enhance local SEO and user engagement. Additionally, we tailored our approach to focus on high-performing keywords and optimised their website’s technical SEO to ensure it met the latest standards for speed and usability.

SEO Strategies That Truly Boosted Client’s Ranking!


Increased Overall Engagement Rate


Targeted Keywords Ranked in the Top 100


Number of Total Users

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