Why Are the EEAT Google Guidelines Important for SEO?

EEAT Google guidelines stand for Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google EEAT is one of the guidelines for finding high-quality content. It is not a ranking factor but a guideline for your content. The search engine wants to provide high-quality content to its users and enrich their experience. These guidelines are mentioned in its Search Quality Rater guidelines [SQRG], which are used by Google’s human rating team to find high-quality content and relevant expertise. Hence, if you want your content to match Google’s standards, you must satisfy this team. It looks for specific keywords to promote your website. Remember, if you ignore EEAT, your content will witness a serious hit.

Top Reasons Why the EEAT Google Guidelines Are Important for SEO

Here are the most pivotal reasons why you should give your attention to EEAT guidelines when making content for your website-

1. To Maintain Fresh Content

Google prefers fresh content, which signifies recently uploaded, published, or rewritten content. Hence, you must refresh your content if you want your website to climb the ladder. Keep your facts and data accurate, and never forget to check your dead links every few years. Thus, the more you keep your content up to date, the better chances your website will have for ranking higher.

2. To Improve Website Design

Google wants your website to have expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, and your audience should feel it. To look like a doctor, the individual must wear a white coat and a stethoscope. Similarly, to look like an expert, your website must have logos of your clients and partners. Reviews and comments of your users, and nothing better, if any authoritative website mentions your link as a source of its content. Thus showcase the attitude and styling of an expert. Let your audience know what you stand for.

3. Keeping Topical Authority

Instead of covering every topic in your content, be specific. Remember, an individual cannot be an expert in every subject or topic, and Google knows this. Thus, always stick to your topic. Furthermore, you should know what your reader is looking for and, obviously, why he is looking for it. Hence, understanding the intent of the user is incumbent. The more specific and unique your content is, the more opportunity it will have to catch Google’s attention.

4. Inform Your Audience

Do you have any legitimacy to create content on a specific topic? If yes, then your content has a better chance of getting shortlisted for promotion by Google. Develop your About Us page or Team page, and let Google be aware of your expertise in your domain. Moreover, share links to your media handles such as Instagram or Facebook. Thus, the more you showcase your legitimacy, the more Google will consider you for its first page.

5. Decide Content’s Purpose

Before writing your content, find out what you want to do. You must know the purpose of your content. Moreover, use plain language; your headings and subheadings must be straight and impactful. Thus, before writing, find out about the intent of your content. Always remember content is king. Moreover, ensure your content follows EEAT guidelines, specifically if it falls in the YMYL [Your Money, Your Life] category. Now, what is YMYL? Don’t worry, we have covered it. See it below.

6. Provide Original or Genuine Source

Experts always give factually correct data and a reliable source for its confirmation. So, providing the links to official sources is mandatory. Always give the sources of your information or stats. For example, if my content is about defence necessities and equipment India possesses, I would place the links of the Defense Ministry of India, DRDO, etc. Thus, mention the source of your information to enhance the rankings of your page.

7. To Enhance Trustworthiness and Reputation

HTTPS must be used to secure data transfers to augment your reputation. Always address the negative feedback and comments on your website to garner trust. Building a brand will also help. Create multiple threads of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc., uniquely covering a specific subject or topic. Thus, building a brand and using HTTPS will increase your reputation and trustworthiness. Also, never forget to mention your contact and support information. It augments user trust as they can contact you if they face difficulty.

8. Maintain Distance From Clickbait Content

Clickbait Content was known for promoting sales and enticing users to land on their content. But now, most users associate it with poor-quality writing. However, if you are focused on your users and want to build a brand or attract high organic traffic, remember that clickbait content vitiates your trustworthiness and reduces your authoritativeness. So, you should not make this mistake lest your relevance depreciate.

Applying SEO in YMYL Content

YMYL is an acronym for Your Money and Your Life; it signifies the content related to or impacting human well-being -health, news, law, finance, civics, current events, etc. YMYL is important because it is mentioned in the first version of Google’s SQEG[Search Quality Rater Guidelines]. YMYL content covers those areas where accurate information and sane advice help make pivotal decisions in your life. Once you understand what YMYL content is, you can get your content ranked high.

Search engines give gigantic importance to YMYL content pages, and high standards are set for quality, relevance and credibility. So, if your niche or website produces content related to this area, be cautious because you will be treated unequally. Google has strict rules for YMYL websites.


EEAT Google guidelines play a vital role in ranking your content. It analyses your content’s quality, relevance, authority, and credibility. All these factors render trustworthiness; as a result, you get the chance to find your content on Google’s first page. It means following EEAT guidelines: You can increase or generate traffic, enrich the user experience, gain your viewership’s trust and augment your website’s relevance. Hence, they are important for SEO.

However, you may need support or assistance in implementing these guidelines. Get in touch with a company that has specialised teams, relevant expertise,  and experience. Contact us today!

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