What Does a Link-Building Agency Do for Australian Websites?



As per the latest data, 79.7% of businesses’ SEO strategy builders have found Link Building an essential part of their SEO strategy. With its continuing importance in digital marketing, it is becoming a challenge for businesses. According to the market, 52.3% of digital marketers find Link Building a hard part to tackle.

Link Building is a form of SEO technique that helps in increasing your business’s ranking on the relevant search engines. Through these links, various search engine algorithms determine the relevance of your business page. Having a perfect balance between the quality of links and their quantity is a huge challenge. Having a lot might distract your audience, and having none might bore them.

Today, in this blog, we will be talking about the meaning of link building, its importance, and how a link-building agency can help you in the betterment of your business.

What Do You Mean by Building Australian Backlinks?


Building Backlinks is said to be the third most important factor when it comes to ranking a website on search engines. If you have good and informative content, but your ranking is not among the top searches, you will not get any visitors. Therefore, it is essential to properly apply the links to back up your content. A considerable number of links will attract your customers and urge them to stay a little longer. They help Google and other search engines to locate your content and rank your website.

The only thing you need to focus on is getting popular sites to link themselves on your page. This way, you’ll not only gain potential new clients but will also attract the existing customers of the other sites. The higher the quality of your backlinks, the higher your site will rank. These link words as “votes of confidence” from popular sites and provide you with credibility and trust. It is a huge step and takes time and proper skills. Therefore, only 2.2% of the content can get links from more than one site.

Key Benefits of Building Australian Backlinks



With Link Building being an essential step in every SEO strategy, leading agencies prefer to hire the highest proportion of experienced link builders. Around 59.4% of them have more than 5 years of experience. This is a job for highly trained professionals. According to Authority Hacker, a rookie link builder is only able to build less than 10 links per month. On the other hand, an experienced person is capable of providing 3.57 times their work.

Link building is an important step if you aim to rank your website among the highest web pages. Today, we will be talking about why link building is crucial while listing its key benefits.

  • SEO Optimization: Backlinks are proof of the trust that the other websites are putting in your content and business. When your readers see leading businesses providing their links to your business, they get a sense of trustworthiness. When your website starts earning backlinks, it means that it has valuable content worthy of being ranked well on the SERPs. Therefore, it optimizes your SEO strategy.
  • Increase Traffic: Backlinks provide you with potential clients. The more businesses are linked to yours, the more chances you have of being noticed. It is one of the most effective ways of earning organic traffic. According to Ahrefs’ CMO, it is very difficult to attract traffic without a strong backlinked profile as only one in every 20 pages (with no backlinks) receives 300 or fewer visitors each month. Therefore, to increase traffic you must invest in having an effective link-building agency.
  • Works as Endorsements: Having multiple websites aiming to be part of your business website is a sign of their endorsement. This implies that having quality backlinks will work as approval from their products. It is like a charm and will give you a vote of confidence. Therefore, when you do build a link, make sure that it is from a reliable and quality source. Make sure that their content doesn’t contradict yours and has all the positive qualities to boost your website.
  • Builds Trust & Credibility: Leading businesses already have a huge customer base that relies on their knowledge and experience. Having these sites linked to your website will encourage your customers to take some action. This will also gain you more customers, especially those who trust the quality of the link’s business. Having more and more quality backlinks will provide you with the trust of their customers. This will automatically give your business a boost in the right direction.
  • Building Online Relations: When you provide links to your website or link others to your website, it automatically builds a digital relationship between you two. If your content proves to be a plus point for other websites, it will earn you some of their traffic and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to always check the quality of your backlinks. Having their negative attributes attached to your business will result in you losing your promising customers. It is essential to only trade with well-researched and qualified digital businesses that are relevant to your content.
  • Works as Promotion: Having the name of leading businesses connected with your brand will give a much more reach that generally takes years of digital presence. This means that if your website is seen on the pages of highly ranked websites, it will help you by boosting your rating. Having relevant content is not much help if it doesn’t get noticed. Therefore, make sure to have the right connection and use them at the right times. It will work as a free advertisement.

How Does a Link-Building Agency Help Australian Websites? 


Businesses have been found to spend between $10,000 – $50,000 per month on getting quality links. When it comes to the quality of your backlinks, it is a wise decision to leave it to the professionals. We will help you boost your ranking without any hassle as our experts excel in creating backlinks by using various strategies. This will reduce your stress and help you focus on the areas you excel. Outsourcing help is a great way to provide your businesses with the best care and attention possible. We can help you improve your standing in the digital market and your niche.

You must seek a reason behind hiring professional help for link building. Let us know in detail about the things our digital marketing agency will help you in. Despite saving your energy, time, and money, having professional help has numerous benefits. Through the following ways, you will find us working towards the betterment of your business:

  • Authority: Having someone to guide you through tough times is the smoothest road to success. In this highly competitive world, there is no room for mistakes. The Hit & Trial method has long proven to be a disaster. These days, all you need is success, and that too on the best possible terms. If you wish to displace your competitors, professional authority is a must. We will help you develop a refreshed and updated version of your website. Through searching the latest trends and the latest relevant studies, we can get your website to be ranked among the leading businesses.
  • Higher ranking: It is often seen that businesses that use the same keywords in their content are ranked differently by search engines. This might be the case for you. Despite using the latest keywords, having adequately updated backlinks are also necessary. If you do not provide a backbone for your content, your content will have no credibility. For instance, if your content is the best there can be and it’s still not getting the attention it deserves. It means that your web traffic is not enough. In this instance, we will help you get noticed by numerous famous blogs and posts. This will make your content go viral and help you get traffic. All this can only be possible if you have digital relations through your backlinks.
  • Qualified Traffic: Traffic plays an important role in the success of a website. As of 2023, there are approximately 1.13 billion websites. Among these, 21% of business owners have complained about receiving low website traffic. Getting traffic leads to getting more customers and customers leads to popularity. Backlinking can help you generate quality traffic for your website. Having credible websites on your content will make you popular among their loyal visitors too. In this world of influencers, it is important to connect with the right people. One mention of your website on their story or post can give you thousands of visitors. We will help you in this department.
  • Leads and sales: Once you have gathered enough crowd on the website, the next step is improving your leads and sales. Do you know that users spend an average of 5.59 seconds gazing over your content? If in these 5.59 seconds, they don’t find what they are looking for, it won’t take them a millisecond to leave your page. These seconds are crucial for your first impression. Having impressive and relevant backlinks that lead to informative content can help your chances. It doesn’t take them more than 0.05 seconds to make an opinion about your brand. If your first impression isn’t good, it will drastically affect your future leads and sales. We will help you gather informative intel without jeopardizing your quality.
  • Periodic Link Reviews: To make sure that your backlinks are providing fruitful results, it is important to keep an eye on them. In this ever-changing environment, websites having outdated content is a huge turnoff. If you can’t keep up with the digital world, your business will be long forgotten. An effective and efficient link-building agency will provide you with a list of every link built. Therefore, you must not worry. We will provide you with periodic updates about your business strategies. This will give you an opportunity to check their competency and backlinks quality.
  • Link Building Restrictions: Every SEO strategy has some restrictions. Despite its popularity, the internet has proven to be a dark place. It is very easy to be fooled by false advertising and brand image. Like every leading link-building agency, our professionals are familiar with the fishy materials present on the internet. We will help you draw the line between quantity and quality. For instance, having specific anchor text will make your backlinks look like spam. There are numerous don’t when it comes to qualitative backlinks. Like, do not have hidden links, do not engage with links that pass PageRank, and more. We, at Rankingeek, will help you control your website while guiding you in the best possible manner.

How to Get Results with the Australian Link-Building Agency?




No agency can give you success without your involvement. Have your team fully involved with your link-building agency. The best way to get results is through working together. No one is good at everything. Some ideas of yours connected with some of the professionals will boost your website in no time. Check your team and make sure that they are comfortable with the environment they will be working in. Operating under stress leads to disastrous outcomes. Do not neglect your inner circle and completely focus on outside help. You and the team are the roots of your website. The professionals are merely a bonus.

Be fully involved in all important decisions. Learn and understand the work they do. Research with them and make sure to give your 100%. Professionals can teach you a lot. Learn about your competitors through them and make future policies and plans to enhance your website’s growth and ranking. Do not shy away from your business. We will help you in every step. Our team has great experience working with others. We play well among the crowd. With us, you can increase your ranking and learn what you can.





Let’s have a quick recap, there are currently 202,900,724 active websites in the world. This is just 18% of the total websites. This implies that out of 1.13 billion websites, 82% of them are inactive. Australia provides a huge digital market. 89% of Australian shoppers are known to search online before making a purchase. This implies that your digital presence plays an important role in your business website. If you are not able to gather sufficient visitors, you won’t get any customers.

Your digital presence is the reason behind your website’s ranking. Building Backlinks is an essential step that improves your website’s position in the digital world. You must find a perfect balance between the quantity and the quality of your backlinks. Having them is a sign of trust and therefore, they should be chosen with utmost care and delicacy. Make sure to only get the positive points through your backlinks and avoid negative factors.

All this can be easily done with an effective and efficient link-building agency. We, at Rankingeek, will help you gain the trust of your visitors. It will increase your organic traffic while in return leading to more sales and conversions. Having professional help can do wonders for your business and we can prove to be your perfect choice.

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