Top 12 SEO Trends to Optimise in 2024 for Businesses

SEO is a dynamic process; Google keeps changing its algorithms to enrich user experience with rising demands and shifting user intents. Thus, keeping abreast of these algorithms is of utmost importance. You need to update yourself constantly if your goal is to outpace competitors and appear on the first page of Google. To remain relevant and to maintain visibility on Google, businesses must follow these top 12 SEO trends to optimise in 2024.

12 Top SEO Trends to Optimise in 2024 for Ranking Higher

To maintain your website’s relevance and augment its traffic, here are the dynamic SEO trends to optimise in 2024:

1. EEAT [Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness]

EEAT stands for expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google endows preference to those who follow its EEAT strategy. Thus, you must show Google that you possess experience and expertise. Thus, you have the authority and can be trusted for all services related to your business.

2. Search Generative Experience [SGE]

It is a new way of searching and harnessing generative AI. It bestows comprehensive and generative answers. Furthermore, it would allow individual users to get more from a single search. Your business must focus on providing quality content with detailed images and information that enriches the user’s overall experience.

3. Topical Authority

In simple terms, it means Google will rank you higher if you cover a particular topic extensively and provide multiple backlinks covering the same topic or if you are developing a website that is restricted to covering only a particular topic. For example, you have a website that covers only a single topic, such as protein. Google will consider you an expert in this field, and as a result, your website will get a boost in rankings.

4. Video SEO

Do not think Video SEO is the same as regular SEO. However, video SEO means applying appropriate keywords and executing technical activities to rank a video higher. Currently, it is becoming a new way of searching. Interestingly, Google ranks higher for websites that contain video content. So, it is the most pivotal SEO trend to optimise in 2024. Therefore, always add video to your content to boost your relevance and visibility.

5. Refreshing Existing Content

The most successful websites are always found refreshing their existing content. Not because they love it but because Google loves fresh content. Moreover, your readers deserve an improved and better experience. Remember that the Google ranking algorithm does not provide an audience for outdated content. So, if you ambition to augment your website’s organic traffic, then you must refresh your website’s existing content.

6. User Search Intent

The intent of your user and your content must be related. The major part of producing content is often overlooked; your content should be relevant and satisfy the intent of the respective audiences. So, user search intent is a pivotal SEO element. It assists in finding your target audiences and knowing what kind of content you should make. Thus, your business must satisfy the intent of the masses to remain relevant and burgeoning.

7. Zero-Click Searches

Google is harvesting all the benefits. Google wants to increase its retention rate and give the best possible results as fast as possible to cater to its users’ demands and satisfaction levels. Google also aspires that the user must use Google’s services as much as possible. However, these searches reveal how a search page behaves and the potential traffic you may get from it, and now, you know what to do.

8. Answer Engine Optimization

People are now shifting to using voice search and virtual assistants. Moreover, they are formulating a new way of searching by putting direct and quick queries. This new concept is achieving new recognition and witnessing a heavy rise in traffic for some years. Therefore, the task of the AEO is to optimise the content so that the user can get brief and correct results for their searches. Getting cognizance of the new formats of the user inquiries and understanding the user intent are considered the main targets of AEO.

9. Dynamic SEO Ranking Factors

They are constantly changing because of the shifting demands and intent of users. Moreover, Google always modifies and updates to endow its users with the opportunity to get the most accurate and satisfying results. Google encompasses more than 200+ factors for ranking factors, but here are the most prominent ones: quality content, backlinks, technical SEO, etc. So, you must always be ready to upgrade your knowledge every time because now you know Google algorithms are dynamic.

10. Google Web Metrics

Web vitals are a group of metrics that measure the speed, interactivity, and visual stability of a page. They are deemed pivotal factors to rank your page higher in search results. LCP, FID, and CLS are three Google web metrics. You must meet and fulfil the demands and rules for augmenting your Google’s “page experience” score. Thus, It is one of the effective SEO trends to optimise in 2024.

11. Mobile SEO

People use mobiles more than any other device. Forty percent of the transactions are completed using mobile. Moreover, according to Omidyar Network, individuals spend 70 percent of their time on their mobile, and 67 percent are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website. By getting all this information, you can understand the change you can bring to your website by implementing mobile SEO.

12. Google Bert Algorithm

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It prioritises natural language queries, so producing content according to the demands of your audience is essential. Businesses need to create content that is informative and easy to read. That means clear headings, short paragraphs, and relevant images. So, its inclusion is pivotal when discussing SEO trends to optimise in 2024.


SEO Trends are constantly changing and thus are dynamic. Businesses need to be vigilant and ready to upgrade their knowledge as per rising demands and changing intents of users. Moreover, the upcoming new technological software such as AEO and Google Bert algorithm needs to be harnessed to get a due place for your website in this cutthroat competition of landing on the first page of Google. It’s better if you take the help of a digital marketing agency such as Rankingeek, one of the leading tech-based providers possessing the potential to increase your business revenue to higher levels. Contact us today and witness your business growing exponentially!

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