The Role Of Social Media Services In Australian Seo



Around 85.4% of Australians have been using the internet through their mobile phones to this date. This data indicates the importance and craze of digital media in this generation as well as the past ones.

Having this amount of people surfing the internet is a good sign of having thousands of potential customers for your business. Since its introduction, social media has been an integral part of our social routines. From posting our daily meals to sharing our career success. Everyone is talking about everything on the web.

The primary reason for surfing the internet is to find information. Around 62.2% of Australians are spending their time looking for things. When you spend hours scrolling the net, you are bound to stumble on leading business organizations. Whether it happens in the form of YouTube Shorts or in the form of Twitter carousels. If you want your business to be noticed, the internet is your best choice.

Studies have shown that there are around 5.6 billion Google searches that happen every day. This means that if your business is on top, you have the best possible chance of being a well-known local as well as an international brand. The trick is using the best possible practices and leaving a remarkable park on your audience.

In earlier times, the only way to advertise your product was through spending hours of your time on tedious methods. For instance, spending money on pamphlets was not only tiresome but also not eco-friendly. This time, the only thing you have to do is post an attractive and well-informed post. Having your ad campaign online is a one-time deal. If it’s informative and engaging as per your audience’s taste, it will be recommended again and again.

As we all know that in today’s digital world, every brand wishes to have a strong online presence. And to reach the top level, businesses are spending tons of money on digital marketing. Let’s understand the importance and role of social media services if you have your business or wish to establish your business in Australia. We will talk about the best practices you can apply to make your brand a well-known entity in the market.


Importance Of Social Media 



As of December 2022, it is found that in our current population of around 8 billion, around 4.62 billion people are active social media users. This not only indicates the popularity of social media platforms but also a vast and diverse customer base. Thanks to social media, your business has a chance to engage with such a vast and diverse environment.

With this many people spending their valuable time looking for things on the internet, you can become the next multinational brand. The only thing you need to do is apply the perfect knowledge and take guidance from the experts. As of today, there are thousands of people engaging in learning about the digital needs of the public. With expert knowledge and your resources, you have a big chance of achieving success.

Being a part of leading social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tik Tok is the only way where you can interact with your potential customers. These days, everyone has an opinion, everyone has a choice. It is in your hand to attract the viewers with your creative engaging techniques. If you haven’t taken your business online, you’re missing an entire generation. This generation is all about sharing. The only thing they seek is the right brand and your business can be the center of their attention! The only thing you need to do is, use social media to your advantage.

Role Of Social Media Services In Australia



Being the world’s sixth-largest country, Australia is home to 26,072,600 people. Out of these, only 11% of the population is away from the internet. According to recent updates, an average Australian spends 5 hours and 51 minutes on the internet and over 60% of them are using the internet to find new information.

Keeping these statistics in mind, businesses in Australia are changing their tactics. $11.80 Billion are spent annually on Online Search Ads and $379.4 Million are spent on Online Influencer Activities. If you wish to be seen and recognized, it is high time for you to invest in the best digital marketing agency.

The most famous social media platforms among the Australian public are Facebook with 16 million users, YouTube with 15 million users, Instagram with 9 million users, and then comes WhatsApp, Snapchat, and WordPress. When it comes to advertising your brand, a total understanding of these platforms is a must. You need an adequate social media agency that can help you analyze the situation. We will help you not only understand the previous situation but will also help you in predicting and setting new trends.

Having a team of experts solely dedicated to enhancing your brand image will be beneficial in the long run. In this ever-changing environment, it is important to leave your mark. Leave behind something that can be easily recognized and your brand name will leave an impression. Correct advertising is the key to creating Brand Awareness. We will help you in establishing a positive image for your audience.

After having enough customers to be in the lead, now comes the harder step. Finding a customer who is loyal to both your product and your brand is extremely difficult. If you take a look around you, you are part of a huge homogeneous market. With multiple products available in front of customers, making them stick to yours can only be possible if you’re constantly providing them with something. It can be your festive offers, your occasional discounts, your gift vouchers, or anything that easily attracts new customers. This can be achieved with proper and timely engagement with your customers. We will help you connect with the market through various social media posts and videos.

Best Social Media Practices In Australia

Best Social Media Practices In Australia


  • Aspire for authenticity: The time of filters and hiding behind lights have gone. Now the only thing that attracts the customer these days is the authenticity of your product. They are willing to spend money on things that seem real. Social Media has always been driven by its aesthetic appeal. Spending hours on social media made Gen Z shift from fluorescent lights to sunlight. With the launch of BeReal (a social media platform built around spontaneity), the best way to grab the attention of your customers is to show them your truth. Question your own brand and deliver only the truth. Stand with the things youth stands for, and in return, they will promote and support you.
  • Researching your Customer Base: Before advertising your products, make sure to know your audience. Do not spend money on things that have no future or stuff that seems too real to be good. Understand the needs and necessities of your clients and provide them with the best possible results. The best way to do so is through continuous interaction with your followers. Encourage your followers and viewers to share their views. Pay attention to things they want and keep up with the latest trends. Don’t bore them with only content, entertain them with your creativity. Post they love will be saved and what gets saved, gets remembered.
  • Use the best platform: The three widely used apps in Australia are Facebook (73.6%), FB Messenger (62.9% users) and Instagram (55.5% users). Learn about the platforms that are widely accepted and used by your customer base. Don’t just focus on advertising. Advertise smartly by only spending resources on platforms that can help you generate maximum leads. If promoted correctly, your followers will generate more customers than you have ever anticipated. In this time of digital campaigns and chat groups, word-to-word advertising is very common and highly famous. These platforms are filled with influencers and their followers are willing to trust them. Engage with the most influential people and you’ll get tremendous results.
  • Planned Posting: Social Media introduces trends with great speed. With each scroll, you’ll get more and more unique content. Keep up with the latest hits and use them in your posts. Search and learn about what’s relevant. Understand the point of view of your target audience and provide them with content that they will share and save. Make a proper plan to post when the time’s correct. Your customers are available to be impressed for 17 hours and 48 minutes a month. Make sure that they stay on your page the maximum. Provide them with the best deals when they need them. Don’t miss the holidays that matter to them and they won’t miss your products.
  • Post regularly in a uniform manner: Do not overwhelm your audience with your posts but never let them forget you either. Make sure to interact with them on a daily basis. Make a proper strategy and be available on all the possible platforms. Seeking through social media can be highly beneficial only to those who know how to make their presence known. Have enough deals ready to hook your audience. If you are successful in hooking your audience, you’ll see a positive impact on your sales. According to studies, businesses that seek the best social media influencers have control over the market. Introduce your product and services with famous faces who are well-liked by your audience.
  • Manage your response time: Do not let your customer worry about their money. If they’re unsure about your brand, they’ll show resistance in spending their money. Provide solutions to all their problems and never leave them hanging. After analyzing the situation, it is found that there is an expected increase in the number of social media users as compared to last year. Around 4.89 billion users are expected to be active on various social media platforms by the end of 2023. This means that there are numerous brands and businesses available. It is your duty to provide them with the best possible services or else they’ll seek them elsewhere.
  • Improve your Customer Care Services: Provide 24/7 helpline services. The internet doesn’t wait for anyone. It is constantly engaging and providing new concepts. Make sure to provide them with hassle-free solutions. As per studies, there is a decline in brand awareness in 2022. This indicates that you need to improve your customers’ services as soon as possible. To achieve this, have customer service chatbot available on your website and in your apps. Make sure to simplify your help process and provide faster results.
  • Create more Videos: In 2022, 60% of businesses used videos as their content marketing strategy in Australia. YouTube has tied with Facebook with 78.2% users. This data indicates the popularity of videos in the Australia Digital Market. Since the introduction of Tik Tok back in 2016, creating video for audiences and customers has become very popular. This platform is currently home to around 2,853,197 active users. Because of this, this platform has become Australia’s seventh most-used social media platform. These people spend around 23.4 hours per month on TikTok. It is high time for you to be part of this strategy and take advantage of the situation. The trends never stay the same for longer and it is best to use them when they are at their peak.
  • Advertise your testimonials and demos: Advertising your product is only beneficial if you advertise their demand as well. Make sure to provide them with the results of your services and products to help them make the choice. This strategy is beautifully applied by leading fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Coach, Michael Kors, and Juicy Couture. These brands are known to destroy their unsold merchandise to protect their exclusivity. This is not an invitation for you to destroy your products, but an example for you to understand the importance of demand. Being known and being in demand are two different things. If your customers are not spending time waiting for your product, you need to change your strategy. We can help you create demand for your product and services with the best possible results.





Putting everything in a nutshell, social media has been an integral part of our lifestyles. Even if you try your hardest, you will not be able to shield yourself from being influenced by brands who are trying their best to be part of your lives. Social Media is home to 4.55 billion active users and as per recent statistics, businesses that engage with their customers online are earning great profits.

For instance, businesses that lost blogs get 55% more web traffic. And through this, 57% of businesses have received positive results and have gained a customer. You cannot hide from social media but you can utilize it for your betterment.

If you do not introduce your brand in the best possible manner, you won’t get a chance to engage with your clients. These days everyone believes in themselves and the only way they will scroll through your webpage is by being influenced by your advertisements. It isn’t hard to believe that 77% of B2B purchasers choose to do their own research before speaking to a salesperson. It is high time for you to get help from those who understand the digital world.

We at Rankingeek will not only provide you with an excellent execution strategy but will also be with you throughout your journey. Social Media has the potential to provide you with a successful business. The only thing you need to do is make the right choice and invest in the best people.

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