The Power of Content Marketing Services for Australian SEO

27% of businesses spend less than $1,000 on Content Marketing, as per the statistics provided by Semrush. On the other hand, only 6% of businesses understand the importance of this phenomenon. They spend over $20,000 to get their content properly advertised (Semrush). According to the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, there is going to be a sudden increase in the budget in this department. Experts have predicted that by the end of 2023, 69% of businesses are likely to increase their budgets for content marketing (Semrush).

When it comes to having a well-established and successful business entity, your published content plays a very important role in attracting your audience. What you receive from your audience is directly proportional to what you have to offer in return. Having good quality content that is both engaging and informative is the key to holding the attention of your visitors. According to CXL, your customer is likely to form an opinion about your brand in less than 0.05 seconds.

Having great content is enough. If your hard work is not getting noticed, your business will not thrive. There’s a huge difference between having an audience and having your targeted audience. You will only see positive results from people who desire your products and services. The rest are merely there for window shopping. Your job is to keep the window shoppers attracted enough while encouraging your target audience to take action. This is only possible through an effective and efficient content marketing strategy.

Today, we will be talking about the importance of content marketing for your business and how your content can reach your target audience. We will talk about the power of Content Marketing Services and how they can help you improve Australian SEO for your businesses.


What Is Australian Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an essential part of every SEO strategy. It involves attracting, engaging, and retaining your targeted audience with the help of various means. This includes having well-informed and entertaining latest articles, podcasts, videos, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, Tik Toks and other media. Content Marketing is used to advertise your expertise in your field and to introduce your brand to millions of social media users.

This strategy can be applied with the help of useful and informative blogs, articles, emails, white papers, and more. When it comes to advertising your products, you need to be aware of every kind of age. From teenagers who prefer tik toks to older generations who prefer long blogs and articles. Identifying and adapting the perfect means of sharing information is the most important step when it comes to proper advertisement. If properly applied, your business can reach the public faster than you can anticipate.

In this rapidly growing digital world, it doesn’t take something more than an hour to become a trend. Using the correct methods mixed with today’s entertainment niche, your brand can become the next leading brand everyone’s talking about. Using the best people to make your point is also an important factor. We all use social media and we all have favorite content creators. With them, we also like the opinions of some and are likely to listen to the first rather than checking out the brand’s direct advertisements. This indicates that your audience is likely to trust you more through a popular content creator than your advertisement team. This is all covered in a good content marketing strategy.

Do you know that businesses that share their information through properly drafted blogs received 67% more leads than those that don’t? A huge difference isn’t it?

Having an expert helping you with your content marketing will help you generate more leads. Your content will only be seen and preferred if you write with keeping all important checkpoints in mind. From creating brand awareness to motivating your customers to make a purchase, every step needs to be properly planned and neatly executed.

Importance of Content Marketing for Your Australian Business

  • Increase Visibility: Marketing your brand will be fruitful if your content is equally engaging as your brand image. Content Marketing is essential for your website as it will attract potential customers to your business. This world has become obsessed with social media platforms. Facebook has 15,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users while MySpace is only able to generate 70,000 Australians. This means that while marketing your content you need to keep the leading platforms in mind. This will help in improving your online visibility.
  • Generate leads: Properly executed content marketing strategy will surely bring you more leads. 97% of Australian customers search online for local businesses. This is a huge customer base. If you succeed in attracting even half of them, you’ll become a well-known brand in no time. Leads can be generated after getting enough capable customers. Your Content Marketing Strategy will work in this department. If your content is good enough, you won’t need to spend much on further advertisements. Your customer base will do it themselves. Influencers are doing a huge favor for multiple businesses. All you need to do is to get them to notice you.
  • Boost loyalty: Loyalty comes from having a solid customer base. Through content marketing, you can keep your customers interested in your brand. Make them remember you. Leave a mark behind with your every purchase. It can be done through the strategic use of discount coupons, festival offers, and occasional stock sales. If you are successful in getting your customers to wait for your offers, you will never be forgotten. Through digital marketing, your website can become the leading provider in your department. Of all the searches done throughout the day, approximately 28% of them end up with positive results. Your business can be one of these outcomes. All you need is a loyal customer base.
  • Improve authority: Becoming a brand takes time. It requires months of hard work and mental pressure. You need to think about all possible angles and keep all of your customers in mind. From people residing in popular areas who can easily see your banners and posters to people residing in less popular areas. Your content marketing strategy needs to cover all of them. Think of ways to reach those who haven’t heard of you and influence them enough to check you out. This is the job of the content marketing team. This will help in becoming a highly influential brand and you will stand out along with your competitors. Good marketing is the key to asserting dominance and authority in the market.

Link Between Content Marketing and Australian SEO

In Australia, the leading social media platforms include Facebook (73.8% active users), Instagram (55.50%) and Tiktok (41.5%) as per Meltwater.  With this data, you can analyze the digital market and the major customer bases in Australia. If you wish to advertise your brand, your content marketing strategy must include the best ways to cover all these digital platforms. Having such a vast and diverse digital space, you need to create individual contents that best suit each individual. Every advertising platform has a special need and decorum. Therefore, to enhance your SEO, it is important to cover them all.

Content Marketing and SEO are complementary elements. You cannot achieve one without the other. They are directly proportional to one another. If you slack in any department, the other will perish too. If properly applied, they have the potential to work as the necessary gears of your digital marketing campaign. This is a foolproof way to achieve success. The goal of SEO is to make sure that you rank higher among your peers. And your ranking depends on the content you offer to the public in general. Your ranking depends on various elements including your published web pages, blogs, posts, etc. If these are not up to date, SEO cannot help you. These elements together form a good strategy. Alone, they are merely pieces of an unsolved puzzle.

Following are some ways through which to can keep these elements together and plan your A-game:

  • Create Content According To Search Engines: The leading search engines in Oceania are- Google: 93.31%, Bing: 4.93%, Yahoo!: 0.46%, and DuckDuckGo: 0.47% as per Similarweb. Therefore, you need to focus on the search engines that are most likely to help you in your ranking. Keep their formats in mind while preparing your data.
  • Continual Content: You should never starve your audience for your content. Do not make them work hard for it. Have it readily available at all times. It is important to have a continuous presence in the digital market. Cover all important occasions, including important festivals and holidays. Keep them posted about your upcoming collections and new developments.
  • Evaluate Your Links: Having appropriate amounts of links in your content attracts a wider range of visitors. It means that it decreases your bounce rate and increases the chances of purchase. Backlinks are an integral part of SEO strategy and can be highly useful for your published content.

What Can Content Marketing Services Do for Australian SEO?

If you do not have sufficient knowledge about something, outsourcing help can bring a huge advantage to your business. Not only will it bring professional help, but it will also increase your success rates. Having someone to guide you through tough times can be huge stress relief and it can help you focus on tasks that are much more important. No one can know everything. We all have our plus points and the ones that we don’t have can be easily arranged these days. A lot of businesses are willing to spend thousands of dollars on these aspects. Around 53% of businesses are focussing on improving the quality of their content and are willing to pay for quality services.

Let’s look at the research done by Semrush. According to it, the platforms that are most used by businesses to promote their content are; 73% of businesses use social media, 53% prefer email marketing, 51% use paid social media ads, 25% do influencer marketing, and many more. This indicates that everyone is doing one thing or another to get their content noticed. All this can be easily achieved with the help of the right Content Marketing Services.

We, at Rankingeek, will help you take care of all such aspects and more. We will make sure that your content is appropriate for your customer base and every possible resource has been efficiently used. You will not have to worry about your blogs, posts, and articles anymore. We will be there at every step. Our experts will keep your website and your content up to date. Your business will follow all the latest trends and will have plenty of content to keep your users entertained. With us, you won’t have to fish for anyone else. Our services are a package deal. You will get everything in one place. From planning to advertising to executing, all will be handled by highly trained and experienced professionals. All you need to do is choose correctly.


To put it all in brief, content marketing in Australia is mostly done through social media posts, case studies, pre-produced videos, infographics, ebooks, and white papers. Australia offers a huge market place and one can take advantage of it by working on multiple social media platforms. It is found that if you include a video in your post, it will increase your organic traffic by 157%. This means that marketing through short videos is highly promising.

Content Marketing Services can help you achieve success while saving you time and energy. It is a good way of utilizing your resources without less hassle. We at Rankingeek, offer you a highly trained team of professionals who are willing to do everything to advertise your brand on all social media handles. It is important to keep your audience in mind while preparing your content. Your content needs to be up-to-date and should not offend any community. Work for your audience and you’ll receive their loyalty and trust in return.

In recent years, content usage had a sudden increase. It is noticed that the average number of views per piece of content uploaded jumped to 207% as per Mediafly. This is the reason half of the marketers are leaning towards getting professional help for their brand advertisements. According to Search Engine Journal, short articles/posts (83%), and videos (61%), are the most used means of content marketing. They have become mandatory for all websites. They are engaging and can help you decrease your bounce rates. Therefore, it is important to seek help through a trusted agency and make sure that their services are at par. We can help you achieve success. All you need to do is take the first step and trust the process. The results will be positive.

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