Shhhh… Listen! Here are the latest Graphic Design Trends 2022

Graphic design trends 2022 is about breaking all the monotonous rules about designing and creating new graphics. The pandemic has impacted how we used to experience modern digital platforms and led to many trendy new looks of famous brands. Brands are always struggling to maintain the pace of changes that the designers and experts keep bringing. Good graphic designs help enhance the existing brand identity and also support small businesses to stand out amongst their competitors.

The graphic designers help display the information, share messages, or even persuade customers for making a purchase very creatively in comparison to other traditional methods. It is beneficial though that they follow those changes which suit their design portfolio. But they can work outside their zones at times, to show how versatile their works are.

Let’s delve into some of the most popular design trends followed by modern design companies. We will discuss it with some examples to help you choose those which fit your work. You can incorporate them into your work as and when required with your own additions to make it more creative.

3D-2D combination

For years we have been learning about 3D and 2D designs separately. 3D became the latest trend in modern times while 2D was left aside for idle works. But in recent times, graphic designers are considering combining both of them to provide the most creative 3D graphic design.

This combination works both ways and 2D and 3D elements are merged to make designs more creative and interesting. This trend is becoming very common and is being used in all kinds of fields such as illustration, animation, typography, web designing, and others.

3D-2D combination

90s Nostalgia

Not long ago, popular shows like Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, and It brought back the 80s nostalgia in graphic design with Gothic serifs, vaporwave landscapes, and neon colors. Now, the retro style of the 90s is making its way back in 2022 reintroducing 90s patterns and bright color schemes on the internet.

The 90s nostalgia is making everyone reminiscent of their childhood as it is hitting the modern digital platforms. This trend includes graphic design projects having retro aesthetics that are inspired by the nostalgia of coach surfing, video clips, 90s MTV programs, and also the childhood of millennials. You can try including retro vibes in your new upcoming projects.


90s Nostalgia

Play with Typography

Typography is a new way of playfulness and vibrant graphics that is setting these modern graphic design trends. The lettering styles can be changed into various forms making the text wide, fluid, chunky, twisted, and bold.

According to Adamk, a designer at 99designs,

“Thanks to the ever-increasing visual smog in our surroundings and streets, the path of purity in design and aesthetics is the right way. A game with typography in a sensitive combination with playful elements and fresh colors are the future!”

With this, graphic designers need to take the challenge of how creative and expressive they can be with their typographic styles while keeping them neat. Typography is a form of art too and can be utilized as such. The letters can be made the center of attention rather than just a secondary thing in your designs. This trend is being followed by graphic design companies especially when they are doing some kind of print design for campaigns.

It is seen that brands like bigger fonts more than shorter ones in recent times. It was followed in the earlier times too but stopped in-between and now rekindling in 2022 once again. Brands desire to have a good impact on the digital world and gain more attention, and they believe large fonts help in doing so. This can bring change to the existing design services as well.

Typography image


Ukiyo-e style design

The Ukiyo-e is a Japanese term meaning ‘pictures of the floating world’. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese form of art from the Edo period lasting between the 17th and 19th centuries. This art form felt related to the vector designers due to its bold outlines, flat colors, and limited perspective techniques that they’re already familiar with. It helped them find a way to rejuvenate their flat vector artwork in digital graphic design.

This style of artwork was followed in the printing by the Ukiyo-e artists for more than 300 years. They painted everything including landscapes, female beauties, sumo wrestlers, historical scenes, folk tales, flora and fauna, and travel scenes. The facial expressions of the humans were added with fluid touch oftentimes. The creative designer uses these types of techniques in the flat vector scenes to give them an edge as well.

Ukiyo-e style design

Vibrant Colors like Candy

Graphic designers find it hard to stand out in this world of competition on online platforms. To overcome this, they are now using vibrant colors to get the users attracted to them. People find it interesting to see various bright candy-like colors on the online content. This trend of using candy-like color effects in the scenes is spreading very fast on the internet nowadays.

These types of fairy-like digital designs are getting famous on the internet among users. They are well appreciated as compared to boring plain forms of graphic design. This trend is keeping the users sticking to various brands and checking out their latest additions on the web.


Vibrant Colors like Candy


This trend is all about breaking all the existing norms and patterns in graphic design on digital platforms. A graphic design company would still impose the need to stick to the norms to have a creative designed. But some of the bold anti designers are changing the online graphic design trends by pushing their boundaries.

The anti-design is often related to brutalism but it doesn’t mean in that sense, only regarding not following the conventional norms in graphic design. What they basically do is that they utilize asymmetry, skirmish colors, plain interface, messy elements, and striking typography in their graphic design. These anti designers are setting a new trend that liberates all other graphic designers from the standardized works as well.


Anti Design

3D characters

In a 3d graphic design, the 3D characters are introduced in the digital platforms. All the animation movie fans like 3D-style characters and gets attracted to such types of graphic designs. Many graphic design companies have started to incorporate 3D characters in their graphic design. You can see them on various sites online.

The graphic designers can design these characters in the form of 2D designs, holographic designs, candy-like color designs, or any other form too. This trend of 3D characters is liked by everyone and is a fun way to approach your customers especially when you are trying to advertise your business. It will help you grow your reach tremendously and gain more customers.

3D characters

Doodle Design

As much as 3D graphic design is popular nowadays, doodling is also very popular among users. What people doodle, describes them a lot. These shapes are not always meaningless and do have some sense besides having the creative factor in them. It also includes the personal thoughts of the person drawing them.

Professional graphic designers are also utilizing them in their designs to make them connect with the customers on a personal level. The introduction of animation also serves the same purpose of including the feeling of a human presence as doodles do. It is just a very easy freeform of drawing that creates more characters in the wide ranging designs.

Doodle Design

Bubbly Design

As the graphic design industry keeps growing, designers find many different ways to implement new fun ideas. One such idea includes rounded shapes like bubbles in both images and the text. 2022 is now expressing these kinds of rounded graphic designs and lettering to increase the interest of the users.

This trend shows no corners and circular shapes that can be elongated and filled with different colors. It gives the feeling of a childish act and is rather fun to watch. This type of 3D graphic design is more fun and attractive to both children and adults as compared to inflatable designs.

Graphic designers use them mostly when they are targeting young users as compared to mature ones. This trend also lifts the mood of the users online and they can’t stop browsing through the websites which are fun to go through in addition to gaining knowledge.

Bubbly Design


To conclude, we would like you to not just learn about these modern graphic design trends 2022, but also start including them in your work. They will enhance your brand identity and help your business grow much faster than before. These techniques might be tricky when implemented, so it’s better that you work with a professional graphic design company that can assist you in this. One such graphic design agency in Delhi NCR is Rankingeek, which has complete expertise in providing design solutions. Check out our portfolio here

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