How I Feel About the Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing in modern times. It serves the customers in ways that they stay for longer durations with the businesses. According to Hubspot, 82% of the marketers said that they are repurposing their content on social media platforms.

The social media channel is a hub for users to connect with each other and it has started to take their focus on the various brands there. According to statistics as per Stackla, 79% of the people say that the customer-centric content on social media affects their decision-making while purchasing. This shows that customers are finding social media as a reliable spot for buying various products and services.

The social media platforms are able to connect to the customer’s point of view which really benefits them while shopping online. It makes users feel that they are closely linked to the brands as they can reach them directly through commenting or giving feedback. There are many such benefits of social media marketing that we are going to discuss here with you and how they correlate to you.

According to Statistics as per Search Engine Journal, there are around 4.55 billion active users on social media globally now in 2022, which is 9.9% more than the previous year. This figure shows that most people are available on social media platforms making them approachable for marketing.

There are many advantages of social media platforms for marketing their products and services that businesses can make use of. Especially, small business owners can easily reach out to customers for making their presence known. According to the Search Engine Journal, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in 2022 with around 2.89 billion users worldwideYoutube comes second with around 2.29 billion and Whatsapp at third with around 2.00 billion users globally.

This makes all the social media platforms a very crucial part of marketing your products and services. Moreover, these platforms can give you guidance on the age demographics based on the popularity of young adults using Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok according to Statista.

Reach Targeted Audience

Reach Targeted Audience


Social media channels can help segregate the users based on their preferences. Small businesses can benefit most from social media as they provide the best marketing services as per Forbes. These businesses can use one social media channel rather than all other social media at once depending on your business goals and targeted audience.

For instance, LinkedIn is a platform mainly used by professionals and business owners if you wish to want to do professional networking in comparison to other social media platforms like Instagram.

Small businesses can hire a social media expert for researching where their targeted customers are most active on all the different social media. This way you can focus more on those social media platforms that are related directly to your targeted customers. Social media experts can assist you in overcoming this challenge to keep up pace with the youth market and create new ways that can interest them.

Gives You Leads

One of the benefits of social media marketing is that it provides easy and quick ways for your targeted audience to connect with your business when they feel drawn to your products and services. Social media gives the benefit of generating leads for your business. This is because social media networks provide advertising formates that are designed specifically for lead generation.

For instance, if your business is related to real estate, then you can use Facebook lead ads that reach the customers who are interested in real estate projects. And they can learn more about properties with just some clicks.

These ads can bring more leads and that too at a lower cost than the traditional ways of campaigning with real estate ads. Paid ads are displayed as ‘sponsored’ content in the user’s feed and reach a wider amount of audience. Brands can incorporate this social media marketing strategy with the help of social media experts.

Increases Your Sales

When a business advertises its products and services, it is for the main reason to increase its sales. This involves regularly posting images or videos, surveying, and updating your page or account to engage customers. When a brand focuses on building good relations with its customers, then the possibility of them converting into buyers leads to organic sales.

This is the reason that businesses maintain a powerful online presence that keeps the customers holding on to them through attractive content. Social media is a very supportive medium in this case and this is one of the main advantages of social media. It is capable of keeping the interactions between the customers and the brands, making them stay loyal to them.

The customers can feel related to the brands closely on the social media platforms as they can reach out to them via chats or comments directly. Brands can provide them with immediate responses to all of their queries through this medium. When the customers feel satisfied, they can also refer those brands to their other friends or relatives as well.

More Traffic on your Website

When a business uses various social media platforms for running ads or posting, then it can lead to increased traffic to your website. You can use these social media channels for sharing the content from your website like blogs or other content, to make it more popular among users and this is known as ‘retargeting content’.

Social media eventually redirects the customers towards your website. It can be easily done by linking your website to all of your social media posts or ads. Another way is to mention your website’s link in the profile of your social media account permanently and share posts with the ‘link in bio’ message.

There is also a new way, that is providing a linktree in your social media profile to categorize different pages of your websites. Nowadays, many businesses are using this due to reason that it helps customers navigate through their website more easily.

Lower Advertising Expense

The social media marketing is a very cost-effective method in comparison to others and provides a wider audience too. Businesses can sign up on social media completely free of cost and paid ads are also very less expensive in comparison to other marketing techniques.

The social media experts can help you with how to use social media advertising with less expenditure. This is one of the great advantages of social media as it provides a higher return on investment and decreases other marketing or business expenses.

The only thing you require to start with social media marketing is a good social media marketing strategy. For this, you can work with a social media expert to define your goals and services. You can also begin with a small budget on social media for marketing your products and services.

Partnership with the Influencers

The majority of social media users follow influencers or celebrities on social media platforms. Especially the fans of various celebrities or influencers are intrigued by their brand choices. This can serve as one of the essential benefits of social media marketing in persuading your targeted audience.

Businesses can select those influencers or celebrities who work in the related niche and partner with them to personally advertise their brand’s products or services. This will make their products or services reach more targeted customers and will bring more organic leads.

Social media influencers or celebrities have huge followings and can attract many more customers to your business products or services as well. You can also provide giveaway offers or discounts to their followers in a special case. It can thus help in getting higher conversion rates of around 3% or more as per Rhythm Influence.

Make Yourself Viral

Once your business starts to take off and audiences start liking and commenting on your social media posts, your content about products and services also reaches more new audiences related to already existing. Their friends or relatives also start to interact with your business and going viral is the next level of this process.

The advantages of social media include this resharing process to other networks, then that network continues to reshare with another, and your content reaches thousands or millions of shares on the internet eventually. This is what going viral means.

This is the fastest way of providing your business with great exposure and exceeds the limited amount of friends or family connections. Social media sharing is a great tool for making your business go viral but it is not an easy task. For this, you can invite your existing customers to reshare your posts to as many people as possible and it might make your business go viral, who knows!


For concluding about the benefits of social media marketing, we will like to recommend you learn about this way of marketing with the help of a social media expert. The professionals can guide you more in implementing these techniques in a better way. Performing social media marketing takes a great amount of learning and skills, and it can only ever come with a rich experience. It is always best to take help from some expert who has successfully implemented social media marketing before.

You can also work with a good marketing company to assist you in marketing your products or services. Marketing companies have more expertise in regards to doing social media marketing practices and have in-depth knowledge of the same as well. You can search for them online but it is difficult to judge which one is best suitable for your business.

One such company in Delhi NCR is Rankingeek Marketing Agency which has helped many small businesses mark their online presence through social media marketing techniques. Check out our portfolio here.

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