Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Custom Website Design

Custom website design can be considered when you want brand recognition and have a good online presence on digital platforms. You can use template websites as they are beautiful and attractive too but they start to look similar when used by more than one person. The difference between the brands is hard to find as many websites used the same themes.

This makes template websites a less effective method if you want to stand out among other brands. The only way to mark your position among competitors is to present a completely unique website to the users. It doesn’t matter what industry your business belongs to, you can always receive benefits from having a custom web design. Its only drawback is that it costs you more in comparison to the template websites like installing a theme from WordPress.

When the custom website is implemented with perfection, it can attract a lot more users and give you a higher conversion rate. The best way is to hire a custom web design agency that can help you with the whole process of custom website designing with ease. Their professionals know how to use SEO and other technologies while giving out the most creative look to your website and business. Now let’s learn the basic definitions of the custom website (design) here with us.

What is Custom Website?

A custom website is quite a different term on the basis of the ‘custom’ word here which means to modify anything in any way and utilized to represent something on this line.

The dictionary meaning of the word ‘Custom’ is ‘made or done to order’ which is usually for an individual like a user or customer.

Similar to this word is ‘Customize’ which means to modify something according to an individual or task.

The term ‘custom website’ can differ a lot when describing its meaning depending on the type of custom web design company and they might describe it some other way.

Defining Custom Website Design

Defining Custom Website Design


When defining custom web design, some of the custom web design agencies describe it as modifying (the design) even with the use of a template. This means that the website design agencies might call the website design to be custom when they are modifying the available templates on the various platforms.

While there are other agencies who believe that those websites which are completely unique without any template are custom web designs. The meaning of custom web design is depending two different perspectives of the various custom web design companies.

What Custom Web Design Agency Really Provides?

You will encounter many custom web design agencies who will claim that they are providing custom website designs but in the background are only ever using their purchased templates. What they do in the name of customizing the design is to insert the logo, modify the background colors, and adjust some links on the website.

This method is not at all customized and it’s only ever personalizing the beginning elements of the website. Some of the custom web design agencies are only ever using WordPress templates and after modifying them call them ‘custom websites’ and that is not really it.

Template website platforms like WordPress are very easy to use and can be utilized to set up websites without much cost. This makes the need to be aware of the custom web design agency that you want to work with.

Ask What You are Looking For

When you are looking for a custom web design company for creating a website, you should ask them how they work. It would be a lot easier for you to know if that company is genuine. Knowing their web design process will reveal whether they use templates for designing the website or they use any platform or CMS (content management system). This way you can know if they are capable of providing a unique website for your business.

Custom vs DIY Website Design

Both ways of creating the website are correct that is with or without using templates when you want to build your site custom-based. It totally depends on what you choose be it a custom website design or a template website.

This choice can be made by learning that the upfront cost of a template website is cheap in comparison to the standard custom web design. But it is not the only way to determine which is best suitable for you. Some other factors that you can consider are your budget, the time required, and the competition that you might face.

Your Budget 

You need to set a minimum and maximum amount that you can afford to spend for creating a website for your business. Also, as mentioned earlier, a custom website design is more costly in comparison to template website designs.

There are also many factors that affect the cost of custom web design like design features, various functions, integrations, the volume of the web pages on your website, and more. Normally, the cost to build your site depends on the size of your business as it tells the type of web design you need.

For instance, in the case of custom web design, small businesses require a website with very few web pages and simple design elements which costs $500 to $1000.

Likewise, medium businesses require a more complex website with more than 50 web pages that include custom layouts, specific functionalities, and CMS (content management system) which costs in the range of $1,000 to $5,000.

And the large scale websites require an even larger website with more than a hundred web pages, unique design and functionalities, and CMS (content management system) with a range of $10,000 and $20,000.

Time Required

Sometimes, there are timelines for launching your websites that businesses set or there is an urgent need for a site. In this case, they need sites to get ready within a limited time span and template website designs can be used for creating a website for your business. While custom based website design will take more time and might not be able to deliver you the desired website.

Another thing to consider is terms of how much time is required by you in the custom web design. Template website designs for designing a website usually take more of your time in comparison to custom website designs. This is because, for custom web designing, you can hire a professional to do the work on your behalf.

Competition Faced   

The competition that you might face after launching a website for your business affects you a lot in terms of success and failure. You need to learn about your competitor’s works online and act accordingly to gain more online users for your business.  You can also do a comparison between your site and your competitor’s site to learn how you are doing.

Steps for Custom Website Design

For designing a custom website, there is a total of five steps that are involved in this as follows:

  1. Get to know the compatibility with the designers by discussing your design preferences, the personal guidelines of your business, your goals and objectives, and more.
  2. Creating and selecting the design concepts that are compatible with your business’s vision. This includes a theoretical version of the specifications of your custom web design.
  3. The mockups are made for all the selected design concepts to proceed with the custom designing.
  4. The real custom web designing happens in this step through front-end development. The designs are converted into coded web pages.
  5. The final step includes the integration of the back-end development. This might be custom CMS (content management system), custom WordPress development, and others.


After going through all the discussions here with us on the custom website design, you can understand that this process requires extra support. Although template website designs are available, it’s a tedious task to spend both your time and money on designing a website. It’s always better to work with a good professional custom web design company.

They can assist you in making your work simpler while saving the money and efforts that you might require to put in. Building a solid website for a business cannot be done by a rookie as it involves a big amount of investment and knowledge too. Professional designers can make your process for custom web development a lot easier. You can consider enquiring about custom web design services at Rankingeek here.

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