Do you know how to use Instagram for business?

According to Hubspot, Instagram has become a crucial component of social media marketing for businesses, with 400 million users and over 80 million posts every day. Instagram is a medium used by influencers and small businesses for audience connections, participation, and sales.

Interactive Instagram stickers, stories, and one-to-one DM conversation feature help you build relationships with customers. Writing your bio, experimenting with the perfect times to post, and choosing the right hashtags are all crucial first steps to a successful Instagram account.

Brand awareness, sales growth, and customer involvement may all be achieved with the help of Instagram for business. The Instagram business account also holds a lot of important information to help you along the way.

7 Key points to help you start using Instagram for business

  • Set up your profile 

If you’re using it for business, consider your profile to be your homepage on Instagram. Don’t forget to switch to an Instagram business profile first. You can grow your profile, monitor the effectiveness of your material, and trade on Instagram using the additional tools that business accounts offer.

Updating the business categories, hours, location(s), a contact option, and attaching any service or product catalogs are other fundamental essentials for business profiles to take into account. Your bio is the only location on the Instagram app where you may share a clickable link, making it prime real estate.

Your homepage URL might remain static, or you can constantly update it to reflect new content. Some other buttons are also there for some specific calls-to-action, such as contact, book now, view shop, etc.

  • Instagram business strategy 

The key components of any social media strategy are your customers, your social media goals, and a post-publishing schedule. Establishing specific objectives for your Instagram business account can help you remain on course and track your development.

A good social media strategy is built on a firm understanding of your audience. “The uniqueness of each person and brand is what makes them interesting.” – By Madison Snider, Fewer Finer.

Consider drafting SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. Instagram is a vibrant platform perfect for encouraging interactions with your followers and generating conversations. It’s not necessary for posting to be a solo act. Instagram gives you the chance to create a brand-centered community.

A drop-down arrow button is located next to the Publish button. The option to schedule a post is revealed by clicking on it. When you want your Instagram post to go live, click the Schedule option and choose the day and time. Then, after clicking Schedule, upload your work for publication at the time you’ve chosen.

  • Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories consist of images, videos, and other content that disappears 24 hours after being posted. It’s a perfect platform for posting creative content with minimum editing, maintaining relationships with current followers, and for gaining new ones. Text, music, recorded videos, focused photos, still images, live videos, boomerangs (looping videos), and recorded videos are all acceptable.

Stickers can be added to posts to display the location, the outside temperature, user tags, and hashtags. Create polls and ask questions to engage your audience and make it simple to gather insightful feedback. Create category collections that remain on your profile using Instagram’s Stories Highlights feature so that people can go back and watch them later.

  • Post Consistently 

It’s necessary to convince your followers that you’re committed to running an Instagram account for your company. Posting excellent content is almost never insufficient. You must post it frequently in order for your audience to know they can count on you to regularly produce engaging and helpful material, making your brand worthwhile to follow.

You can maintain a regular content calendar, save time, and take brief breaks by using a social media management tool to schedule your Instagram posts.

  • Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are a wonderful resource for Instagram users to find content. On Instagram, captions cannot be searched, only hashtags can. When someone clicks on or searches for a hashtag, all of the content associated with it is made available.

It’s a fantastic approach to connecting with readers who aren’t already following you on social media. According to Backlinko, 70% of Instagram hashtags relate to a brand campaign. Once you get a handle on hashtags, explore them to see which ones are most effective for your brand. It’s a good idea to design a unique hashtag for your company or an upcoming event.

  • Ads on Instagram 

Businesses can use Instagram to advertise, just like on other social media platforms. There are several options available to you. Three basic forms are available when creating an Instagram ad: photo, video, and carousel.

Photo Ads 

Although they appear to be normal photo uploads, they are marked as sponsored above the image. A call-to-action button is also present at the bottom right of the image. Many photo advertisements are “boosted posts,” in which you pay to have an existing post’s visibility increased.

Video Ads 

Similar to photo advertising, these videos have a sponsored label on top but otherwise, look like regular posts.

Carousel Ads 

Similar to photo advertising, these advertisements also have various photos that users may swipe through.

You have a choice between using the Instagram app or the Facebook Ads Manager to promote on Instagram. You can choose your ad’s goal, define its audience, and decide on a budget, and the duration of the campaign.

  • Track Analytics 

If you only use Instagram, you can access all of your stats in the account’s Insights section, which is located directly on your profile. You can improve your strategy over time by being aware of how your Instagram account is performing.

For instance, you might invest more in Reels if you notice that they generate a lot of engagement for you. Or, you might utilize that information to spend more time on Stories if you observe that posts in the feed struggle to perform while they generate more engagement.


Your Instagram approach will develop as your company expands. Try out new strategies, seek input from your audience, and pay attention to what they have to say. The points mentioned above will definitely help you start using Instagram for business.

Using strategies like Instagram stories and hashtagging frequently can help you strengthen your Instagram strategy and build relationships with your customers. The world is large, but with the correct social relationships, it becomes smaller.

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